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Mindset is everything!

You may have heard this before, its completely true but what is it and what does it mean?

Your mindset is a set of attitudes you have towards a task, a goal or your life in general.

So, it is how you think and how you apply yourself.

Have you ever thought about how you think before?

So how do you think and is it serving you?

Are you creating results in your life or does it seem like nothing goes your way?

Both are down to you and how you are currently thinking. Having the awareness of your thinking is the first step to change. Whether its towards your business, fitness or personal life your mindset is the first factor controllable factor.

Cause > Effect is a great way to create awareness of your mindset.

Are you the cause of everything that happens for you or are you living in the effect of everything that happens to you?

If you are at Effect, you will be displaying these attitudes:

· Excuses

· Blame

· Justifications

· Problems

· Self-critique

If you are at Cause, you will be displaying these attitudes:

· Taking responsibility

· Solutions

· Learning lessons

· Resilience

· Growth

· Confidence

So where do you think your mindset is right now?

In your life you can only truly control three factors: your thoughts, actions and reactions.

Create more self-awareness and control your attitude towards your work and you will start to create the right mindset for success.

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