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The Mother of All Supplements - Creatine Monohydrate. #Motherducker


5g a day which is one scoop every single day. You can do a loading phase of 20g per day for 1 week which is 4 x 5g throughout the day. 


Creatine has mass benefits accross the whole body, Mind and Muscle Fuel. 

Creatine put water into your muscle cells excatly where you want them, some athletes and bodybuilders experiencing a fuller look only days after taking creatine.

Creatine helps create extra ATP our body and muscle energy source for exactly when we need it.


Google the benefits and you'll be amazed. Studied for 125 years and still the number 1 supplement on the market.


Nutrition 22 have branded our own and it had to be monohydrate as this has the most studies behind it. With the golden 2s on this makes it first on your supplemet shopping list!