Pink Diet Whey

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SSA Diet Whey has all the essential benefits of a fully dosed whey protein blend
as well as making sure that the complete amino profile is left uncompromised in
its design and mixture.

Best used as a meal replacement, SSA Diet Whey is designed to help you control your weight and appetite with the addition of green tea extract.

It will also keep you satiated while also making sure that you stay within a low caloric
range which will ensure that you’re able to stay lean energetic throughout the

Furthermore, this blend has been infused with an anti-bloating component of
digestive to enzymes known as Fibersol-2 to ensure that you don’t feel sluggish
or experience the normal lactic bloating that you would experience with other
protein products and blends.

This epic part of the SSA pink range will ensure you stay on track with your road
to lean and toned.