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Mat Robinson
14lb loss so far


Gavin constructed me a diet plan in November. This was a month plan to help support me with loosing weight while the gyms would shut and my chances to exercise was very limited. 

Within the plan I felt like I was never hungry and constantly eating 😁. Throughout the month Gavin made sure I checked in with him weekly with weight and measurements and helping make sure I stuck to the plan. Sometimes more then weekly where he would send encouragement messages and keep me motivated. Any advice I needed he gave me very quickly and he really knows his stuff.

Throughout the month a lost 14lbs in weight and I was never starving myself and was eating 6 meals a day. Never have any craving for snacks or treats. 

I put trust in Gavin's plan and never looked back and still following his advice and guidance. 

I also used supplents from Gavin's supplement business which was my choice to do and never regretted it.

Supplents I used was Gavin's 

Nutrition 22 protein Salted Caramel and Ginger Bread hard to chose which one taste the best both taste unreal 😋.

Vitamin stack for general health. The list goes on and so much to chose from with great no bullshit advice with what products will help meet your own personal goals.

Thanks for all the support.

Mat Robinson


FITNESS 22 by Gavin Larry


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